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The new PVP reference

The last World of Warcraft expansion is reviving the rivalry between the Horde and the Alliance. The Promised-War project aims to take advantage of Battle for Azeroth to become the new PVP private server reference. We desire to offer a debug server with functional and balanced spells. Whether you are an occasional player or a real competitor, come test your true value!

Competitive PVP

After the beta those who wish can explore our quality PVP content and enter competitions. All the PVP ranking will be displayed on our website and the Promised-War team will reward the best players.

The most courageous will be able to enter arena, duels and battlegrounds tournaments. These competitions will highlight the gameplay of the challengers and not their items: participants will be invited to a separated realm where they will be able to build their armor from a limited choice of items (this way the victory will depends only of your gameplay). The winners of these tournaments will be rewarded up to 1500$.

To allow everyone to take part in one way or another to the tournaments, the Promised-War team has the ambition to set up betting during these competitions. Even so you don't want to compete you can still be part of it and bet on your favorite buddy!


play against the best horde and alliance champions

Arena tournament
rated battlegrounds

over several days with cash price of at least 1500$

challenger ecosystem,
Battlelog, ranking...

PVP titles, Grades pvp, competitive ranking
high-level PVP events

instant 120 realm, no XP phase

To allow players to test the new World of Warcraft expansion functionalities without spending time leveling up. The Promised-War team decided to fix the start level to 120, the max level for Battle for Azeroth.

By accessing the max level immediately we allow you to live the full experience of Battle for Azeroth without having to spend hours to level up. At Promised-War accessing high level content does not mean spending hours to play.

As soon as you enter the world you will be able to build your gear and start helping your faction!

HL content
ready to access

Enjoy the very best instantly

PVP at reach

Enjoy the real PVP content in seconds.

Dedicated and professional team

The Promised-War team is made of the finest multidisciplinary skilled members. Few divisions have been created and interact between them with the common goal to an excellent and satisfied community. Our collaborators have been thoroughly selected regarding their professional situation and/or their experience, their motivation and their time.

If our collaborators don't join the team as professional they are promoted to a role that require a set of skills related to their study. We make sure that our team has the necessary expertise to do the best at their role.

an adequate and
multidisciplinary team

benefit from an efficient and quality team

at all cost

a permanent follow-up made by professional to enjoy an ideal experience

Quality PVP Content

The Promised-War project aims to offer a high quality pvp content. Thus, debug and balanced spells are our priority. Our collaborators and our team are following a strict protocol to make sure that all debugs from the development division meet our quality standards.

In case of a problem, the quality division would send the debug back to the development division.

At the end of the beta, we commit ourselves to give the most balanced experience in fights between you and your opponents. This way it will be all about your gameplay!

spell development

the spell is carefully developed by our developers.

quality control

our team test the spell in all situations. after the test the spell is either integrated to the production realm or send back to our development division.

production server

once validated, the changes are published on the production server.

a strong community

Private servers have the advantage to offer stronger community, where you can evolve and meet new friends. The Promised-War team will do its best to keep the community entertained with regular events, especially for guilds.

regular events

events will be organised regularly to keep the community strong and to have fun time together

human sized community

make new friends easily and enjoy fun and challenging pvp content with them!

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